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It is a charity event hosted by transportation professionals to raise money for Hungry for Christ Food Ministry and Arbor Circle.


Hello Plaid Shirt Night Past Attendees,

We hope this letter finds you doing well, staying healthy, finding new ways to thrive, and enjoying life
during this pandemic.

For the first time in 33 years, we are sad to say that we are not going to be able to host Plaid Shirt Night on October 15,2020. Due to the State of Michigan COVID-19 Executive Orders, we are unable to comply and host the event in person. This comes as difficult and challenging news for the two charity organizations we support.

This pandemic has greatly increased the demand for services at Hungry For Christ Food Mission and Arbor Circle. These fine charities count on our giving every year to provide their many humanitarian programs. As a board we have discussed it and felt that we must do something. There are people in our community that need us now more than ever and taking a year off and not contributing to their welfare is not an option. So, we are writing to you today to ask for your support.

Over the last 33 years Plaid Shirt Night has been successful because of the generosity and support from attendees and sponsors like you. We hope you will consider still giving to our causes even though we are not hosting the banquet.

In lieu of the banquet, we are going to host a live drawing on Thursday October 29th at 7:00 pm EST. During this drawing we are going to give one winner a $2,000 shopping spree at either Best Buy, Bachelder Master Gun Makers or Village Motor Sports. One hundred percent of the money raised during this drawing will be given to Hungry For Christ and Arbor Circle with no expenses against it. The $2,000 has been fully funded prior to the selling of tickets.

We would love for you to participate, and here is how you can do so.

  • >Buy raffle tickets and then tune in on Thursday October 29, 2020 at 7:00 pm EST when we will be hosting a live drawing on Facebook. You can watch the drawing live at
  • >Tickets sell for $50 each
  • > Become a $1,000 sponsor and receive the following:
    • > (25) Tickets for the drawing ($1,250 value)
    • > Your company logo or individual’s name will be displayed on our website, social media,
      and marketing materials.
    • > The company or individual will be announced from the podium at the 2021 Plaid Shirt
      Night as a valued sponsor that stepped up when our charities needed it most.
  • > Physical tickets will not be mailed
  • > We will email you the sequence of numbers that correspond to your tickets that will be put in
    the bucket for the drawing.
  • > If you give your tickets numbers to friends or co-workers, please keep track who gets what ticket
  • > We will record who purchased the tickets and the number sequence issued. The night of the
    drawing, we will pull the winning ticket and then look up who purchased it and announce the
    winner. It will be up to the purchaser to notify us if the winning ticket was given to another
  • > You don’t have to be watching the Facebook live stream to win. We will contact the winner after
    the drawing.
  • > To purchase your tickets or sponsorship click the links below

Buy Tickets($50)    |    Sponsorship ($1000)

Thank you for considering giving to Hungry for Christ and Arbor Circle. When we all work together, we make great things happen. There are many people in need in our community that count on us to be generous. Thank you in advance for opening your hearts and wallets to help others..

God Bless,

The Plaid Shirt Night Board of Directors

Curt Brower (Sr. Vice President at Hutt Trucking)
Jim Hutt (CEO at Hutt Trucking)
Dave Woodwyk (Vice President Pricing at USF Holland)
Kim Bergbower (SED Waiver Team Lead at Arbor Circle)
Doug Bordewyk (Logistics Procurement Manager at Steelcase)
Todd Olson (Sr. Vice President at Apache Logistics)
Jim Henry (Retired Supply Chain Professional)